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New Kitchens for 2019 (Big and Small)

And we've started 2019 with a building bang! Both my tiny houses and my real house are getting new kitchens. I'm in love with how my minis are now an experiment for ideas in the real house, letting me make design choices and changes on the fly.

A Blue Paradise in the 1:48 Scale Modern Cabin I've always wanted a navy blue kitchen with light uppers and an apron sink, which were also ideas I was toying with for the real house. This design into the mountain cabin with custom cabinetry that I designed in Adobe Illustrator and cut on an Epilog laser cutter.

For solid, squarish objects like this, I draw my designs and then make copies to cut out on 1/8 basswood, gluing the copies together to build the depth. The only draw-back to this technique is that it requires a lot of sanding and prepping of the inevitable cracks before painting or sanding.

After sanding and wood putty, I prep any objects that I'm going to paint with primer. I usually prefer gray for most colors, but whe…

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