Fab Transformation - Shabby Chic to Industrial Chic Armoire

Simple Transformation, Massive Impact
In this mini tutorial, learn a few very easy tips to transform this shabby chic armoire kit from Petite Properties Ltd into an industrial chic centerpiece.  When finished, you'll have an item that will make a lovely centerpiece in your industrial-chic, bohemian or contemporary bedroom. Enjoy an item that has heritage, a modern twist, female elegance and masculine appeal.


The original kit from Petite Properties is unpainted, lasercut heavy cardstock with working doors and separated door frames that you'll glue to the doors after you apply a great little trick to make this armoire industrial-chic.

The neutral black color and the embossed metallic paper are the key elements in making this kit evolve from shabby-chic to industrial-chic. Look for metallic paper in the specialty scrapbook section of your favorite arts and craft store and select one with a small, fine pattern appropriate to the scale you are working in.  Paint your armoire in black or another neutral color like grey, silver or bronze and be sure to keep the door frames separate.  Spray the armoire with the gloss spray for a varnish mimic, then glue the door frames to your metallic paper.  Cut the door frames from the paper, glue to the wardrobe and you are done! A super easy, super chic project you can complete in an evening.


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