Tips for An Inviting Bohemian Living Room

You'll be hard pressed to find a design style that's more eclectic, vibrant and fun than Bohemian-chic. A 1950's-60's décor movement, it's wonderfully retro too; perfect for fun-loving, old-soul hipsters.

Boho-chic rooms let your imagination run wild with bright colors, crazy pattern combinations from around the world, excessive pillows and Moroccan tiles.  This post will give you some tips to stay true to the movement while expressing your unique style and tastes.

Try These Key Style Aspects To Have Fun While Staying True To The Look

Mid-century furniture fits in very well with Boho rooms, but feel free to mix in period pieces, especially Victorian. For a more contemporized room, throw in a couple recent, iconic pieces. In my room I chose mid-century, Danish inspired chairs with retro prints, an IKEA inspired sofa and credenzas with contemporary color pallets.  What ever you do, go for bold color, rich textures and vibrant patterns (have fun and express yourself!)

Vibrant rugs are a characteristic of Boho. Often they are cultural, such as antique Tibetan or Navajo. Select colorful rugs from your favorite culture and period. For a contemporary look, select rugs with geometric patterns, like the one I designed for my room.

Cultural textures and patterns are a key element for Boho and extend beyond rugs.  Look for pillows, tiles and artwork from around the world (Moroccan is especially popular).

Interesting artwork is an easy and effective way to extend the vibrant colors and patterns.  Mixing and matching is the key, so choose different frame colors and different types of art from photos, to drawings, to paintings. You can contemporize your artwork collection with graphic posters or typography artwork.  Type art is very trendy right now and they are quick and easy to make yourself.

You can't go wrong with mid-century patterns, shapes and bright pops of colors.

Don't be afraid to pile on the pillows.

Ta-da! Now gather your favorite minis and start designing your own fabulous Boho rooms.


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