3D Printing: Designer Furniture at Your Fingertips

...or ON your fingertips, as these fine replicas are small enough!  Thanks to 3D printing, a new world of designer classics such as Herman Miller Eames are now available in 1:48 quarter scale with intricate detail. These tiny iconic pieces came from Shapeways (designers listed below).

The Designers

Queen Anne chest and Herman Miller Eames lounge chair are by Pretty Small Things.

The George Nelson marshmallow sofa, Gerrit Rietveld zigzag chairs and Herman Miller Eames office chair are by Anshuman Bhaita.

The carrosee chair is by Tiny Toes Couture.

The table base is by tisch.


  1. Love this blog. I can't wait to see what is in store for the upcoming months.


    1. Thanks for the kind comment! Yep, lots more planned for the blog. Later this month I have a feature on the Denver Museum of Miniatures. October will feature a modernism expo and a how-to on transforming a traditional desk into an industrial chic centerpiece.


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