Tiny Architecture at the Colorado State Fair

Photos from the 2015 Colorado State Fair miniatures contest.  My little San Francisco house was literally dwarfed by the competition--check out that awesome Tudor!  My entry was the only quarter scale and modernized home, so here's to representing 1:48 scale and mini modern.


My whole house can just about fit in the living room of the best in show Tudor.
As a college student, I'm one of the youngsters in this hobby, especially here in America. We millennial miniaturists exist, but there just aren't the sheer numbers. It was very rewarding to hear people even younger than me, some as young as eight, walk by the exhibits and say, "This is art."  It might not be the large hobby that it was when I started as a youth, or even in the golden days of the 70s and 80s, but miniatures aren't dead.


The Tudor wasn't a modern home, but I am completely inspired by this color pallet for a modern room.
Tudor kitchen.

This 1/144th house (small enough to sit comfortably on your palm) was one of the other tiny contestants in my class. I guess I'm not the only one who couldn't resist the allure of green. 


The San Fran house is back home now and I can get started on new scenes and blog posts with fervor. After a year of working non-stop on this house, spending much of my precious free time in the evenings woodworking or crafting furniture, I felt some severe separation anxiety the day I dropped it off to the show.  Now that it's back I'm looking forward to trying new interior design styles without having to rush and meet a show deadline. Stay tuned for more goodies!


  1. Are you coming to the Miniatures Show in Denver this weekend?

  2. Not as an exhibitor this year. Maybe down the road!


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