Industrail Chic Desk How-To

Transform a traditional desk kit from Petite Properties Ltd. to a hip industrial chic desk with beginner friendly techniques.  All you need is black spray paint, metallic paint, brown acrylic paint and a protective spray sealer.

Getting Started
The Petite Properties kits are made from mattboard and cardstock and since they are paper products, it is good to prep the surface before applying water-based products. I seal my Petite Properties kits with a clear spray like Krylon Matt or Gloss and apply very, very light coats until the kit is sufficiently sealed.  Ta-da! Your kit is now ready for the next stages.

Using the black spray paint, lightly spray your desk, leaving some areas almost blank and other areas almost black.  Don't cover it evenly or you won't get the weathered look that's needed for the next stage.

Dry Brushing
Your final stage will give you that nice weathered wood look with a metallic shine.  Using a water-based metallic paint, such as the one shown above, dip a dry brush and drag the brush across a blank sheet of paper.  Once the paint starts to drag and doesn't leave an even mark, drag the brush across your desk.  The uneven marks make for an easy woodgrain texture.  If you find that your desk is too metallic, coat it with an acrylic brown wash.

The Finishing Touches
Paint the desk top in brown and coat your desk in Krylon Matt spray.  I also used a gloss spray on the desk top to mimic a heavy lacquered surface. Add the beads for the drawer knobs and you are finished.


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