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Basement living room in the 1:48 scale San Francisco row house. Scratch-built Knoll sofa (left) and 3D printed Eames lounge chair by Pretty Small Things.

Last year, I bought a 1:48 San Francisco dollhouse kit and experimented in seeing how well a graphic designer could apply herself to interior design, with an emphasis on eclectic modern style.  It started as an interior design bug and a way to try out ideas for my real house without the major commitment, but it went so well I decided to stick with it and share it on a blog too. 

Micro Modern Décor was launched in late August and just a couple days ago this little blog went past 1,000 page views. Not bad for a blog that doesn't focus on the more popular and better known 1/12 scale minis.

This blog will continue to focus on the 1:48 scale modern minis with style tips and tutorials on crafting minis. If 1/12 is more your style, you'll still find tips perfect for your larger scenes.  Coming up soon are articles on 1:48 bottles and glasses, converting a Young At Heart Oui Oui tub into industrial chic goodness, and featurettes on what's new in the San Francisco house.  This blog will get new articles and photos at least twice a month--more as my last semester of college allows!

I had to rush the progress of the San Francisco house to meet a show deadline, so some rooms, like this designer's studio, weren't fully realized.  So check back for the updated scenes!


  1. Even though my prefered scale is 1/12th, it's still great to get inspiration from your scenes and creations =0)

    1. Thanks Pepper. Love your blog too. It was an early inspiration for my modern mini projects. :)

  2. Hi Kristen! What a great blog you have! Beautiful miniatures!


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