Hello All!

It's done! After five and half years of sweat, blood and tears, I have my two degrees: B.F.A. graphic design and B.S. integrated communications. (I really do mean sweat, blood and tears: I'm not going to miss the 10 minute mad dash from one end of campus to the other in order to attend two classes five minutes apart, the little injuries in printmaking or the extreme stress of mass communications audience research!)

And now for the job hunt! In between, I also have ample time to work on projects, a first in quite some time. Which means you can look foreword to more posts on this blog and more mini modern goodness in 1:48 scale.  Pictured above are some of the projects left over from the summer and which I'll be diving into this week. The beds are by Petite Properties Ltd. in England, which I have reserved for industrial chic inspiration, the mid-century bookcase and coffee table are by Lindsay Pastore of Small Scale Living and the blue woodgrain sofa is scratch-built by me.


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