Tips to Making Lasercut Furniture Kits Extra Special

Lasercut kits are an easy way to add some extra realism in tiny scales like 1:48 quarter scale, but there are some easy steps you can take to make them even better.

Creating a Woodgrain Look with Sanding
Kits that are put together from side-by-side pieces like those by Lindsay Pastor of Small Scale Living already have a bit of a woodgrain look, which you can enhance with a little bit of sanding. Use a very fine grain sheet of sandpaper, such as 800 grit or 1000 grit.

Seal, Then Paint
Lasercut projects this tiny will warp if you get them too wet (such as when staining or when applying acrylic washes). So prepare your kits by sealing with a clear spray paint, such as a gloss or matt spray, and then paint. This is especially important with your cardboard lasercut kits.
Watered-down acrylic paints make effective "wood stains"

Thoughtful sanding and painting brings out the beauty of lasercut kits.

And there you have it! Pretty easy and the difference is phenomenal at this scale (and handy for the larger scales too!)  Best of luck with your mini modern projects!


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