Fab Transformation - Traditional to Industrial Chic Beds

When traditional dollhouses are everywhere but you want modern, go for the reclaimed look! This edition of Fab Transformation shows you two approaches to transforming traditional beds for modern settings. As always, these examples are in 1:48 scale, the quarter scale dollhouse, but the techniques are just as applicable to the larger scales. Tomorrow, drop by for a tutorial on dressing these beds.

Chrome Edwardian
The first transformation on the Petite Properties Ltd. Edwardian single bed is very easy--just spray-paint your bed kit in your favorite metallic color. I've found the Rustnolium Bright Metallics line to be the most effective true metal look and I did mine in silver for a nice chrome effect.

Reclaimed Tudor
This second transformation on the Petite Properties Ltd. Tudor single bed requires a few more steps, but each are easy too. First, spray-paint your bed in a light application of tan.  

Spray paint tan

Drybrushed brown
Then, using a dry brush, dip it straight into your brown paint, and drag it along a bit of paper. Once the brush becomes streaky, it's ready to drag along your bed.

Drybrushed dark brown and some sanding

Repeat the dry brush with a darker shade of brown. Once the bed is dry, sand it with fine grain sandpaper (600-800 grit).

More sanding and a wash of brown

Next, make a brown wash by watering down your brown paint until it has the consistency of skim milk. Cover your bed in this brown wash to even out the tones.

At this point, you can stop here, but if you want a reclaimed wood look, dry brush other colors such as blue, red or orange onto specific parts of your bed until it looks like it was made from many different pieces.

Up next, learn how to dress these beds!


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