On-Trend Tips: Layered Rugs

Not only is it chic, layering rugs is an effective way to utilize your rug collection and combine eclectic styles. And, for mini modern lovers, this is a great way to create a very modern atmosphere with the traditional and Victorian rugs that are abundant in the mini sales market. Let's begin!

Warm and Cools
Clashing styles are most effective when there is actually some sort of unifying element.  Add some harmony to different patterns or textures with thoughtful use of color. In this 1:48 scale room, yellow and orange dominate, but I have also pulled in a soft blue rug, the complimentary color to orange and it too, has a little yellow.


Color On Top of Neutrals
Colorful rugs will really pop if you layer them over black and white rugs, or cream and tan.  This 1:48 scale room uses Greco and Moroccan patterns in soft browns and creams underneath a more contemporary blue Tibetan rug for a very masculine, mid-century living room.

Combining Modern Patterns
As mentioned before, use color to unify your different patterns.  In this example. both rugs have navy blue and cream, while the small addition of red adds a little pop and extra interest.

Old On Top of New
Finding smaller, traditional rugs and throwing them on top of a larger, modern rug is not only attractive, but is an effective use of the abundance of traditional, antique and Victorian rugs you'll find in the miniature market. Unify them with similar colors or similar patterns. In this example, both rugs have cream, blue and interpretations of floral patterns.

Similar Patterns, Different Cultures
Selecting a pattern theme, such as Kilim in these examples, and then pairing them with samples from different countries will simultaneously add unity within variety and can very quickly create a fascinating Boho or world traveler look.

Similar Patterns, Different Periods
If the above technique still feels to traditional to you, add some modern pop by selecting old and new samples within a theme. This sample uses antique Navajo and Tibetan with a contemporary geometric for a more to-date Kilim pairing.

You now have six different techniques for layering rugs, so what are you waiting for? Grab your rug collection and see what exciting mini modern scenes you can create.


  1. I love it in mini! Your rugs look fantastic. I would get so frustrated in real life trying to vacuum all these rugs and crumbs trapped under layers.

    1. I do love that about minis - it doesn't matter if they're practical! And price isn't an issue either. It costs the same to make a miniature of a $500 sofa verses as miniature of a $10,000 sofa.


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