Easy Steps to Dressing 1:48 Scale Beds, Part 2

The Pillows
As with the false bed sheet in the previous part of this tutorial, it pays to cut corners so as not to add bulk at these tiny scales.  While you can cut and sew pillows the exact same way you would in real life for larger scales like the popular 1:12, at 1:48 it is much more beneficial and easier to use a pattern made for folding and gluing. Here is the one I've developed for my pillows--an easy cross. 

Begin your pillows by cutting the size you want from a piece of cardstock. Grab your cotton ball again and pull parts away, enough for each side of the cardstock, and glue to form your pillow.  Put a dab of glue on your chosen fabric and glue the pillow. 

Next, cut your cross shape from the fabric, then glue the left and right tabs first, shaping the form of the pillow with your fingers as you go. Glue the other short tab and finish with the longer tab.

Cut any fabric excess and put a very small dab of glue on the corners of the pillow--not enough to discolor it but just enough to prevent fraying. And now you have great little pillows for your tiny 1:48 scale bed without the hassle of sewing.

You now have the know-how to make your own great little beds. From here, experiment with different blanket combos and different pillow arrangements for a really luxurious look, or keep things simple for your minimalism scenes. The possibilities are endless!


  1. Many thankyous, have tried other methods for pillows and they didn't look right where as these do .

    1. You're welcome Helen! Hopefully this tutorial does the trick for your projects!

  2. I'm just starting to work in 1:16. I'd love to go tinier but haven't got the delicate touch I imagine you need for 1:48 scale. But these 2 tutorials offered helpful information - thank you.


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