Quarter Scale Mini Modern Round Up July

Quarter Scale Miniature Sofa Couch 1/4 1:48 Mid Century Modern Dollhouse Diorama
Lovely Mid Century sofa by  on esty.com

July is coming to a close, and here is my round-up of sweet little 1:48 modern furniture and houses.  Click on the images to see them in detail.

Quarter Scale Record Player Dollhouse Miniature- 1:48 1/4 Mid Century
A retro record player complete with magazines and coffee table by  on esty.com

Wooden crate by  on etsy.com, perfect for the industrial chic office!

1:48 Chinese Chippendale Chair - Set of 4 in Frosted Ultra Detail

Chinese Chippendale chairs by Pretty Small Things on Shapeways.com

1:48 Wedgewood Stove in Frosted Ultra Detail

Wedgewood stove by Pretty Small Things on Shapeways.com

1:48 YY Chair Set in Frosted Ultra Detail

Y chairs by Simplybill on Shapeways.com

1:48 Barbeque in White Strong & Flexible

Barbecue by Anshuman Bhatia on Shapeways.com

And last but not least, this quarter scale beach house kit by a new arrival to the laser cutting circles, JManLaserCrafts on etsy.com.  This particular kit will be the focus of the blog this year as I convert it into a Colorado mountain retreat.

Quarter Scale Beach House KIT Custom Laser Cut


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