My How Time Flies

My gosh, I can't believe that my last post was a year ago this August.  I knew it had been a while, but not that long.  It seems like it was just a few months ago I was looking for a new job, and it felt like only a few months before that I had graduated college and put the final touches on my 1:48 San Francisco row house.  In reality, it's been two years since my last build, and lots has changed.

I am very thrilled to see that, in that time span, interest has grown in quarter scale modern dollhouses and furniture (move over 1:12 mod, you're not alone anymore!).  I was also quite shocked to find that my own house is top in the Google and Pinterest searches for 1:48 modern dollhouses.  Lol, I thought that looked familiar!

I now have a mini modern dream house, a cute little cabin, in the works and look forward to sharing it as time goes by.  Granted, I'm not sure how active I will be given my other hobbies and a LOT going on in my personal life, but I have made it my goal to share some progress on my little cabin at least once a month with a few filler articles each month as well (things like blog round-ups from other mini modern and quarter scale hobbyists, or 1:48 offerings from Etsy and the like).

Looking forward to some quarter scale mini modern adventures this year!


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