Fab Transformation Part 3: Mountain Cabin Goes Rustic Chic

Pardon the band aid thumb!

The JManLaserCrafts Beach House kit really came to life this weekend and it is finally starting to look like a proper modern mountain cabin. Lots of work went into the exterior, from hand scoring the cladding to aging corrugated styrene to look like old metal.

This was perhaps the most tedious part of customizing this kit so far, but a vital part of its unique identity. Luckily MDF board lends itself to carving better than basswood or balsa.

Priming, priming and more priming.

Exterior dry build test.

First floor interior dry build test.

While it already looks nicely aged and trendy, black was actually the roof base color. Check back later for the literally glowing final roof. :)

For texture variety and to keep with current trends, the floor boards were continued up the side of the main entrance wall prior to painting.

A tiny peak of the modern interior through the deck doors.

To be continued...


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