October Round Up

Back to the 60s!

Perhaps my favorite of the October 1:48 scale discoveries were Jane Harrop's brand new range of quarter scale 60s and 70s furniture. All very delicately designed and very hard to tell that they are smaller than 1:12 scale!

Growing the 3D Army

Hobbyists on Shapeways continue to grow the smorgasbord of 1:48 furniture and items. Here are a few of my favorites (click the photos to visit their pages).

1:48 (O SCALE) 32" LED TV FLAT SCREEN 3d printed

Dog Figurine - Sitting Finnish Spitz 1:43,5 scale  3d printed Frosted Ultra Detail Print, painted white - Photo by BOLLA

Printle Thing Danish Dog - 1/43.5 3d printed


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