Fab Transformation Part 5: Cabin Roof and Stone Garage

Last weekend the 1:48 scale mountain cabin started to look like a house; this weekend it's starting to look like a home. From the outside, at least. From painting the roof, to the first floor interiors, to laser cutting (most of) the garage, a lot was achieved since the last post!

Interior rooms now have glistening white-washed hardwood with bright walls. Graphic contrast is the goal here to accent the open spaces and allow for changing decor styles as the years go by.

Perhaps my favorite transformation so far is the sunrise red roof which positively glows in angled light. It was created by applying a thin wash of red leaf paint, then dry brushing the leaf paint to pop the tones and create a rusted look.

I would probably be just as excited about the garage addition (the most noticeable difference about this kit bash), were it not for a frustrating 5 hours with a laser cutter. In short, instead of a full set of garage pieces, I walked away with only two walls and a lot of ruined wood. But I'm prepared with notes and know-how for next weekend.

Another dry build to check placement and scale.

Painting the stone was achieved first by spraying grey primer and a light coat of white spray paint. Light stones and dark stones were accented with hand painted acrylics, which really popped the details and created better realism.

Up next are the rest of the garage, the interior doors, bathroom tiles, and final interior touches before decorating. More to come next week!


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