Fab Transformation Part 6: Dreaming of the Lake

I love it when the character of the house starts to reveal itself and you can start to picture who might live there.  In this case, it came through in the addition of the garage, more exterior paint, and standup paddleboards, thanks to a laser cutter and Adobe Illustrator.

The Garage

It's nearly finished and all that needs to be done are corrections to the working door, then cutting that door on the laser cutter.

I really wanted the garage to look lived-in, with lots of evidence of car maintenance and projects through the years. The paddle boards will eventually be hung, some mountain bikes might be added, as well as garage essentials like a work bench and tool chest.

Standup Paddleboards

As a nod to the fact that this house used to be a beach house kit, I swapped the iconic imagery of surf boards with the mountain equivalent--paddleboards. The inhabitants of this cabin are paddleboard nuts with a collection spanning a beginners' 8 foot board (and actually a replica of my real board) to a 14 foot racing board.

Yes, many paddleboards really are that huge in real life.

These boards were all drawn up in Illustrator and cut on the laser cutter. While at first not too bad, it was meticulous sanding that helped turn the chunky cut-outs into curved, graceful boards.

Interior Sneak Peek

I am also working on doors, like this sliding door in the living room. While there will be lots of bright modern features, some parts of the house, like the doors, will keep some of the rustic charm of the exterior. 


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