Building a Tiny Fireplace

Frank Loyd Wright designed his entire home layouts around the fireplace, and I too feel that a great fireplace should be a centerpiece, so I wanted to enhance the original plans for the fireplace in my tiny version of the Earth and Tree Merrimack.

Dark natural trim and natural hardwood floor. Solana Flooring  14 Photos Of A Flawlessly Cool Mid-Century Modern Home | Airows
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I drew inspiration from mid-century fireplaces as well as contemporary hipster fireplaces. As with the rest of the Merrimack, the stonework and lattice work were cut and etched on a laser cutter (below).

My intent was to create a fireplace that looked like a retro piece the homeowners had retained and refinished from the original home. The laser cutter was great for creating the circle shapes that really help the design of the lattice work stand apart.  As with my mountain cabin, dry brushing helped bring extra life to the etched stonework.

Tada! The final touch of a mantle in natural wood, just waiting for photos, stockings and a Christmas tree. Stay tuned for more updates on the rest of the Merrimack!


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