Getting Into the Swing of Things

This past year has gone by so fast and I've had so many life adventures, from getting married to moving twice, to buying my own full-sized house. While I've updated the Instagram account more regularly, it really does feel like I've only blinked since my last blog post.

So it's high time for a re-introduction of what I'm working on!

Up first is that 1:48 scale modern mountain cabin that I converted from a beach house kit by JManLaserCrafts on Etsy. My custom built garage for this kit is finished and I'm moving onto the decor, kitchen and bathroom fixtures of the interior house. It's coming out as a white-washed, girly, and yet still grungy twist on a cabin. I love it.

Planning out the kitchen in the modern mountain cabin.

Laser file for the kitchen, island, and some of the furniture.

Also on deck is the shrunken Earth N Tree Merrimack, which has been frustrating me all year. I regret not having built this one in more sturdy plywood, as the basswood is not playing well with the complicated shapes of the house, or my clumsiness when working with odd angles. I also feel like it is my ugly duckling project as what I had envisioned and what is turning out are not the same.  Perhaps that is better in the long run, but we'll see.

The incredibly frustrating Merrimack barely looks like a house.

Lastly, I still have plans to shrink the Earth N Tree Antrim to 1:48 scale as well, but of my laser cutting projects, that one takes a back seat to all the laser projects that go inside the first two houses.

Cross your fingers for me as I dive back into these little guys.  If any of you are on Instagram, my handle is @micromoderndecor, and I post there far more regularly than my blog (plus, you'll get the added benefit of the stories feature!)

Thanks so much for sticking with me, dear readers, and I can't wait to show you what's next.


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