January Mini Finds

It's hard to find 1:48 scale items, especially modern ones or items that will convert to modern, so I love sharing my best finds from the world. Thankfully, more people are creating 1:48 dollhouse items and a slight more are creating modern items, so this month has some nice finds!

Jane Harrop

compltete kitchen set

Jane has an ever growing collection of 60s and 70s modern kits, but this kitchen takes the cake. Depending on how you paint and finish it, this kitchen could look retro as shown or it could look ultra contemporary.  Also new from her is a smashing bedroom kit.

bedroom set

Shapeways Sensations

Jacuzzi Corner 01. O scale (1:48) 3d printed

Who doesn't need a jetted tub? Or how about an ultra modern soaking tub?

Fab Kitchens


These kits by Mini Etchers don't look like they are 1:48 scale. When well assembled, these would look much larger than they are in a photo!

Art Deco Cuteness

image 0

I'm so happy to finally see someone offer an Art Deco house, and it's created by the same designer who made my mountain cabin kit (originally a beach house before I got to it). Another major plus for this house is it's smaller size and budget-friendly price point. I imagine this house would be great with a wall inserted into the second floor for a bathroom and bedroom, with the bottom floor being open plan living and kitchen. Depending on the paint and finish, it might even look great as something more contemporary and less Art Deco.


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