A Little About Micro Modern Decor

Out With the Old, In With the New
Dollhouses are no longer playthings and Victorian mansions are no longer the only choice for miniature house enthusiasts.  Modern miniatures are on the rise, fueled by the passions of interior designers, furniture designers, architects and even graphic designers (like this author). Modern minis have been rising since the 2010 New York Times article on modern miniatures and modern dollhouses.

From Graphics to Interiors
I'm Kristen, a graphic designer with a passion for many other areas of design such as interior design.  Like others, I've found minis to be a great way to explore ideas without the big design budget and in a very space-saving way.  My first foray into minis was 14 years ago when I constructed an inherited Dura Craft Newberg--yet another Victorian dollhouse.  Frustrated at the lack of modern choices, I did my best to contemporize it.  Flash forward 14 years and suddenly modern minis are everywhere and better yet, so are a plethora of small scale houses, some of them "sizable" mansions despite being the same size as a shoebox.  I was doomed to return to the dollhouse hobby, but this time it was with a designer's twist.

A Very Small Challenge
In the summer of 2014, I found an eBay sale for a mansion of a San Francisco row house, but one small enough to fit on the end of a bookcase!  Or a shoebox.  It was love at first sight and, inspired by the New York Times article, I decided to try yet again at a contemporized Victorian.  And this blog was born, to share my adventures, help spread modern minis (especially 1:48 scale) and share DIY tutorials and tips so others can join the fun.  Next up, a thoroughly modern 1:48 house structure.

Eclectic Modern
This blog will feature projects with heritage, like the San Francisco row house, and others that are mid-century modern or ultra modern like minimalism and industrial chic. You're in for an eclectic smorgasbord and you're sure to find something appealing to your unique tastes.


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